Doing some testing on a pair of JackRabbits

The Connect-X cards arrived this morning, so we are late in shipping the units to the customer. Ugh, but manageable.
Most everything is ready, about to launch octobonnie on it for the burn. Octobonnie is an example of an extreme stress test. We stress rent a car bulgariaJackRabbit hard during basic testing. As a result, we learned quite a bit about how this system comes up and performs. Startup is fine, though PCI-e busses and bioses what they are, every now and then PCI-e x8 cards negotiate at x1. A reboot usually solves this. Still looking for the magic setpci invocation that will fix this … we can detect it and report it, but we need the bios writers to do a better job at allowing us to constrain these negotiations.
Octobonnie was created by a customer. It positively pounds the crap out of a system. We have caught problems with systems prior to shipping that our other tests did not. Others have taken our original tests in-house as they really do pound on hardware. But we learned from this test, and now use it ourselves. [and there it goes … and we watch the machine]
This said, here is some neat stuff about one of these pair: