SC08: Day 0 part 2

Ok, we have the machines set up in the Pervasive Software booth, #203.
Had a power hiccup (e.g. Joe knocked the power out while moving the rack) so we used this as an excuse to reconfigure the RAID to its RAID10 state. There really was no advantage to the RAID0 version, and the risk of problems was higher. RAID should be resynched in another 53 minutes.
We have a single 10 GbE handling all the traffic … looks like Windows didn’t like sending traffic simultaneously on both links.

Again, it is an iSCSI box, and due to W2k8 oddities, smaller IO operations are faster than larger for sequential IO. Go figure. An IOmeter performance measurement shows it cranking away at 400+ MB/s with 3000+ IOP for 256kB sequential reads.
Windows machine is accessible via an rdesktop from the ΔV, though I think they will want to run it locally. Oh well, it is cooler our way 🙂
All in all it is looking good.