Happy new year to all!

Ok, a little early for those in NA, but late for those in Oz and about past it for India, but as you can see from WorldTimeZone, its coming to europe/mid-africa as I write this…. happy new years to you all!икони

Pure unabridged speculation … guessing really on my part

Ok. I read something while I was semi-concious during my recent defeat at the hands of a 72 hour bug (that positively whupped me upside the head, stomach and other parts).
I read Cisco is coming out with blade servers.
Ok. Here is the 2 + 2 = 3 moment. Yeah, assume I am off the mark. Pure speculation. Shai, feel free to tell me here that I am full of it.

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we're back!!!

yup … a nice little down time courtesy of business class internet with SLAs … even though this is the home office, still … annoying. Considering rehosting at work …

under the weather …

… which is why I haven’t commented on a number of interesting things. Hope to return to full capability over the next few days. Some bug decided to kick me hard a few hours after I wrote the previous post. Rehydrating and recovering.

The night before xmas

Twas the night before xmas, and all through the HPC solutions house, the disks were moving, just not the mouse … The workers had gone home to their families, and shipped the last JackRabbit of the year, while the benchmarker cackled and tuned, making the ΔV faster.