Announcing ΔV

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Scalable Informatics Enables Companies To Do More While Spending Less With Low-Cost High Performance Storage Appliances

Canton, MI – December 2, 2008 – Scalable Informatics (, provider of high performance computing and storage solutions, announced the introduction of Delta-V, their latest storage appliance providing outstanding performance and reliability at an exceptional price.

A Delta-V 3 unit was demonstrated at SC08, the international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis, in downtown Austin in mid-November, 2008 in support of Pervasive Software.
“With our JackRabbit servers already providing reasonably-priced, best-in-class performance and reliability, we felt we needed to add a focus on the area where many organizations have the least leeway — cost,” stated Dr. Joseph Landman, CEO and Founder of Scalable Informatics.
“By optimizing our design to minimize cost, and tuning the software stack for reliability and performance, we are able to provide storage appliances that scale from 2 to 31 terabytes of usable space, for well under $1,000 per usable terabyte.”
Delta-V systems are offered in four models, housing 4 (1U), 12 (2U), 16 (3U) or 24 (4U) hotswappable hard disks. These systems provide up to 6, 18, 24, or 36 Terabytes of raw storage capacity in RAID6 configurations, respectively. RAID10 configurations can provide reduced usable storage in order to achieve greater performance for database operations. Delta-V presents storage simultaneously as file-based and iSCSI block, with NFS and CIFS/SMB. Delta-V units may also be aggregated into storage clusters providing Petabytes (PB) of capacity when utilizing cluster file systems and RAIN designs. The Delta-V demonstrated sustained data transfer rates of 500+ MB/s with greater than 1800 IOPs in a RAID10 configuration at SC08.
Optimized to address the dramatic challenges of the current economic climate, pricing on Delta-V is set at $1 per usable gigabyte and below.
Commenting on the performance versus cost of the Delta-V, Dr. Landman summed it up by saying, “The Delta-V enables organizations to do more while spending less.”
Scalable Informatics (Scalable) is a privately-owned high performance computing solutions company focusing on delivering pragmatic solutions to computational and storage problems. Scalable Informatics designs, builds, and supports high performance storage, clusters and workstation hardware, scalable and accelerated software, and offers support, consulting and development services.
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