Co-inky-dink (coincidence)?

Every now and then we look to see how people have found our web site. Usually a search engine is involved.
So today, I found someone googling “JackRabbit Delta-V” and thought
“Hey, people are starting to get to know our product names!”
I’d been worried as I had discovered shortly after we got our trademarks on JackRabbit, that Apache has a “JackRabbit” project.

No overlap, I am not worried about brand dilution. Even have entertained the notion of putting their JackRabbit on our JackRabbit.
Ok, new product time. Internal name was Delta-V. Initial google scan shows no competitors with that name. Ok, go forth and name it.
I don’t like MegaCrunch zqn11030 as a product name, it is so … mechanical …
So we have JackRabbit. And Delta-V (ΔV). And Pegasus. And we have created a brand for our clusters, siCluster. (I wanted to use a tetragon for the logo, but Doug gave me a quizzical look, and said … here, use this … Did I mention I am terrible at naming/logos?)
Ok, so what is funny about JackRabbit and Delta-V (ΔV). Oh … well, it turns out that in Apache-world, Delta-V is a way to store WebDAV document deltas.
Just found out this morning.
No overlap, but too funny (not that their code/product is funny, just the … relationships between the products).
I am more seriously thinking about JackRabbit on JackRabbit and Delta-V on ΔV. At minimum, it could be a nice way to get some attention for all the projects/products.