Initial ΔV4 numbers

Thought a few people would like to see this. 8GB RAM machine, 24 drives, 36TB raw, 31.5 raw after RAID6 with 1 hot spare. 29TB usable (there is some serious rounding error in many of the tools as I have discovered last night 🙁 1 TiB = 1.0995 1TB, and 29T = 31.8 TB … […]

This is … a … good … idea … ???

Many in the software community have viewed the Royal Navy’s wholesale move to Windows-based command systems with concern, feeling that the savings are not such as to justify possible losses in security, reliability and assurance. In addition to the existing nuclear submarine fleet, the RN will use similar equipment to handle its new Type 45 […]

I keep forgetting why RBLs are such a bad idea ….

: host[] said: 553 5.3.0 flpi112 – mBGG4NTk012791, DNSBL:521< >_is_blocked.__For_information_see_ (in reply to MAIL FROM command) Oh yeah. Thats why. Thanks AT&T, we really appreciate it. Viewed 9457 times by 1969 viewers

Whats more frightening …

The insecurity and potential compromise of serious and exploitable “mis-feature” in a browser (causing the browser maker to suggest using a competitive browser platform), or the security theatre at all of the banks we deal with who write their web pages specifically for that browser, so that no other browsers will work properly with it, […]

Missing functionality finally added

I have commented in the past on the … er … uh … missing 64 bit Java plugins for Linux and other OSes. Well, Sun appears to have finally addressed this. Good job Sun. Better (6 years) late than never. Viewed 9456 times by 1883 viewers

Power outage at day job

Some sort of fire at a local substation knocked power offline. Mail may bounce … my apologies. Will try to re-route to here for the moment until we can get power restored. I have to verify that the building owner will allow generators on the premises … [update] power is back up. New generator sitting […]

GPU-HMMer is released

From the mailing list … Hi Folks, We’d like to announce the availability of GPU-HMMER, a port of HMMER’s hmmsearch utility to NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs. Anyone who is interested is invited to visit to get the source. A brief user’s guide and installation guide are provided at as well. This version has been […]

Sun closes to new users …

The Register has an article on this. As I noted in the previous post (the linked article really), ASP reborn is a hard model to make work. You have to deliver what customers want, and do so inexpensively. Sun Microsystems has killed it’s once high-profile utility computing experiment,, which let customers buy computing power […]

Co-inky-dink (coincidence)?

Every now and then we look to see how people have found our web site. Usually a search engine is involved. So today, I found someone googling “JackRabbit Delta-V” and thought “Hey, people are starting to get to know our product names!” I’d been worried as I had discovered shortly after we got our trademarks […]