Whats more frightening …

The insecurity and potential compromise of serious and exploitable “mis-feature” in a browser (causing the browser maker to suggest using a competitive browser platform), or the security theatre at all of the banks we deal with who write their web pages specifically for that browser, so that no other browsers will work properly with it, regardless of platform, and whose representitives insist in meetings with you that they are indeed secure … see the little lock they ask me derisively?
ummmmm …. yeah.

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Power outage at day job

Some sort of fire at a local substation knocked power offline. Mail may bounce … my apologies. Will try to re-route to here for the moment until we can get power restored. I have to verify that the building owner will allow generators on the premises … [update] power is back up. New generator sitting … Read morePower outage at day job

GPU-HMMer is released

From the mailing list … Hi Folks, We’d like to announce the availability of GPU-HMMER, a port of HMMER’s hmmsearch utility to NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs. Anyone who is interested is invited to visit www.mpihmmer.org to get the source. A brief user’s guide and installation guide are provided at mpihmmer.org as well. This version has been … Read moreGPU-HMMer is released

Sun closes Network.com to new users …

The Register has an article on this. As I noted in the previous post (the linked article really), ASP reborn is a hard model to make work. You have to deliver what customers want, and do so inexpensively.

Sun Microsystems has killed it’s once high-profile utility computing experiment, Network.com, which let customers buy computing power by the hour.
The company revealed it’s no longer accepting new customers after four years, saying parts of the business and technology model “were not in the sweet spot”. The 13 customers and 48 applications using Network.com are will be offered continued service.

Amazon is succeeding at this in spades. Sun originally had the right idea … then someone decided to make Network.com into a massive Solaris marketing tool rather than a resource you could run what you needed.

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