I loved the headline …

The day job showed up on the local news, Great Lakes IT report. I loved the title … Huge New Storage Machines From Canton Firm FWIW: WWJ is the local AM radio station (950AM) that my car radio is tuned to about 1/2 the time. 🙂

Mmmmm …. coffee …. mmmmm

well … er … ah … ok. mmmmmm …. coffee …. mmmmmm … well … its Nescafe … not Kona. So maybe not really coffee … Being a former computational physics type, I had to warm my coffee on the processors …

Announcing ΔV

Have a look here for the PDF version, or below for the text version.

Scalable Informatics Enables Companies To Do More While Spending Less With Low-Cost High Performance Storage Appliances

Canton, MI – December 2, 2008 – Scalable Informatics (www.scalableinformatics.com), provider of high performance computing and storage solutions, announced the introduction of Delta-V, their latest storage appliance providing outstanding performance and reliability at an exceptional price.

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New day job web site … check it out!

Doug has been trying to convince me that he could do a better job with the CMS tools and some cranking out basic design (I like simple …), than I could at hacking code.
Have a look here. The JackRabbit site was also folded in
The (now former) website we had up was an MVC based application using Catalyst. I used jQuery for the effects … yadda yadda yadda.

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The Register on Sun: whats a company to do?

A good read over at the Register on the trials and tribulations at Sun. Yeah, I know, shortly after I post this, our sites are gonna get DDoSed. Seems to happen all the time (any post that doesn’t paint Sun as a glowing ball of hot plasma … seems to disagree with some groups out there).
The basic premise is that Sun is in the not so enviable position of its valuation being approximately equal to its pile of cash. Which means that investors don’t necessarily see value in the company beyond the cash.
Hey, I’ve been there before. Used to work at SGI for a while, when we were valued below our pile-o-cash (1999-2000 ish). That says something (quite demoralizing) to people working there.

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Competitive benchmarks

Ok, we wouldn’t benchmark these machines in quite the way these folks did, but there are some useful nuggets within. Also, these folks appear to be skirting the “do not talk about Nehalem performance” requirement of getting early access Nehalem. See this link. The interesting benchmarks show up around page 9. Interesting though, regardless. Java … Read moreCompetitive benchmarks