This is … a … good … idea … ???

Many in the software community have viewed the Royal Navy’s wholesale move to Windows-based command systems with concern, feeling that the savings are not such as to justify possible losses in security, reliability and assurance. In addition to the existing nuclear submarine fleet, the RN will use similar equipment to handle its new Type 45 destroyers in combat, and versions of SMCS-NG will also lie at the core of the upcoming Astute-class subs.

the line about “almost never need to give their command systems autonomous firing authority” does little to comfort me. Given the apparent ease at which external regimes can crack into the US DoD machines via virus/malware on windows systems … this … well … doesn’t strike me as the smartest idea I have ever heard.
It gives the phrase “blue screen of death” a whole new, and quite unwelcome, meaning.

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  1. I hope they studied the Navy’s experiment where they took a cruiser (or was it a destroyer) and had it run Windows. It got off-shore from Norfolk and the system blue-screened, causing the engines to shut down. They needed a tow back to port. 🙂 I just hope the subs don’t sink when they blue screen.

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