Why … oh why … will I never learn …

Working on a proposal document for a (prospective) customer. In some things Word is a little smarter than OO3. I did most of the spreadsheet work on OO3 and saved the excel document. Started the proposal in OO3 as well. Thought, to myself …
“ok, why not boot the laptop into windows and use Word”.
After all, it won’t bite me in the rear … hah hah … it would never do that … and like … I dunno … FAIL TO SAVE … and then CRASH after it FAILS TO SAVE … thus taking hours of work down with it.
No, it would never do that … now … would it … now … ever … like 5 minutes ago
(and yes I had auto save on … auto save appears to be either a suggestion or smart enough not to crash the application thus taking all of your data with it when it encounters a problem).
Will I never learn? Sigh …. (puts down the laptop and contemplates calling it a night, though he knows perfectly well that the customer wants this proposal yesterday).
Yeah, I will learn. Three finger salute and back to work. What the heck was I thinking.
[Update] So there I am in Linux on the same machine. And I see the .TMP file which used to be my document. This was the file that windows was protecting me from. I could sorta-kinda see it in windows, but I couldn’t do anything with it.
So I rename this to my_document.doc and open it with OpenOffice 3.0. And it is all there … ok, all but the last 2 minutes worth. So I kept working.