SGE list appears to be broken

Can’t post from my email account, the one subscribed to, and receiving SGE email. Claims I am not subscribed. Ok. Then I try from the gmail account. Accepts my subscription. And then doesn’t let me respond. Borked mailing lists are no fun. I screwed up the mpihmmer list for a while (by accident) without realizing […]

OT: Ramping up spam protection

I have been displeased with the massive upswing in spam, and not looking forward to 30-40k spam messages next month. So I did some research on the additional features of our MTA, and then did some analysis of the spam we had. With a few quick changes, focusing on where/from whom we were getting the […]

On dynamical systems and climatology

That all of these are modeled on HPC gives me the tie-in to HPC that we need. I think we need more theoretical development, modeling, and model refinement. HPC systems accord us virtual laboratories that allow us to create and probe state spaces that may be impossible to consider in an experimental sense otherwise. And […]

Do more. Spend less.

This has become our mantra. There is a nice article in The Economist about this. While JackRabbit provides best of breed performance for what it does, and it also costs less than other solutions. Quite a bit less in most cases. While we are hearing, from customers and users, of “orders of magnitude” better performance […]

48TB ΔV4 for about $18k USD

Just ran through the configuration pricing model on it. 48TB ΔV4 came out around $18k USD. Add in a dual port 10GbE NIC for $500, and you have a seriously awesome iSCSI target box (not to mention a very very fast NFS / CIFS box). Wow. We are refreshing/updating our ΔV line for 1Q2009, so […]

96TB in 5U: coming soon to a JackRabbit near you

Engadget is reporting (thanks Andrew!) that 2TB drives are about to ship from Western Digital. In the face of Seagate’s … er … firmware issues I think we are going to see Western Digital drives in JackRabbit’s soon as a standard option. Viewed 16028 times by 3682 viewers

About to pass a dubious milestone …

[update: 8:49am 27-Jan-2009] Yup … my spam-box is at 20012 and counting. [update 2: 8:29am 31-Jan-2009] 25188 and counting … wassamatta, they couldn’t get me to 30k by the end of the month (16 hours away)? Sheesh … On a positive note, Thunderbird is able to handle 25188 email sized box without problem. I remember […]

Pulling no punches: Firefox 3.x sucks

Having used it, watched it crash, hog memory, stall, screw up rendering, … I have to wonder exactly what the Mozilla corporation is thinking by releasing this stinking pile of bits. My laptop is a dual core Intel machine with 2.5 GB ram, and a fast 7200 RPM SATA drive. And it is brought to […]

An “ouch” moment

/. indicated that as of this moment, Redhat is worth more (higher market capitalization) than Sun. So I checked it out. As of this writing, RHT has a market cap of $2.62B, with $0.76B cash on hand. This suggests that the company has a value exclusive of cash, of about $1.9B. Not bad for a […]

The RIFs continue: now the bigger players in HPC

News (I guess not unexpected) this morning is that Microsoft is cutting staff, Intel is closing down underutilized resources and cutting staff, IBM is cutting staff, and we heard yesterday from John at of more cuts at AMD. Having been on the wrong end of RIFs before, I know what it is like. I […]