Do more. Spend less.

This has become our mantra. There is a nice article in The Economist about this.
While JackRabbit provides best of breed performance for what it does, and it also costs less than other solutions. Quite a bit less in most cases. While we are hearing, from customers and users, of “orders of magnitude” better performance (their words … multiple customers) than competitive boxes, we are emphasizing less stress on the budget aspect. Yeah its faster. And it costs less.

ΔV on the other hand, was designed specifically with lower costs in mind. High quality RAID storage shouldn’t be expensive. ΔV which performs as well as the competitors to JackRabbit do, costs a small fraction of these competitors. While providing similar performance, if not better iSCSI and NFS performance. But the focus is, fundamentally, upon cost.
Our ΔV3 with 10GbE card shown at SC08 was a bit north of a $6400 system. As of today, our pricing for this same unit is closer to $5900.
Do more, spend less.