Things you should never do to a customers' machine/disk: Part 10, bricking a drive

We test our JackRabbit and Delta-V (ΔV) units extensively … long burn-in times, after any firmware updates. We like to run into the problems in-lab as compared to in-field. Some customers get annoyed at what they perceive to be slow shipping, but we want to know, when it leaves our lab, that this machine, and all its parts, works.

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Nail, hammer, hit hit hit!

John West has a great commentary at First I recommend, if you haven’t read it, by all means, read it.
He points out that Addison Snell (a former colleague during SGI days) stands by his HPC spending/market analysis of several months ago. Further, he notes something I saw in another press release recently, that indicates that financial services firms are remaining committed to HPC.

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Day job has a sale!

Doug has worked his magic, and turned our … er … aggressively cold weather, into a sales tool. We are having a 10% off sale. Details here. Yesterday, when I drove into work, the car thermometer registered -18F. Yup. Thats right. Should be warming up soon though. I hear we might crack 10 degrees . … Read moreDay job has a sale!

Working on Cuda+Fortran

So we have something like 5 different Cuda capable machines in the company. My laptop, an older Quadro FX 1400 based Opteron 275 based machine, a GeForce 8800 based machine, a dual GTX260 based machine, and a Tesla machine with 3 GPUs. The latter is to be our new desk(side|top) personal supercomputer offering. Pegasus-(I|A)(3|4)G. Complex .. dealing with case/PS issues now … rest of it works fine. Current unit is powered by a Shanghai pair which we are testing with. I am quite impressed with it … the 2.3 GHz Shanghais are showing themselves to be competitive with the high end of the Intel line. Next months (hopefully) Nehalem launch should change this a bit.
The nVidia folks asked me to work on something, to prove a concept. Looks like I am about 50% of the way there with about an hour of work with Cuda. I am tired, so I am gonna call it a night, but I expect to be able to get baseline testing done tomorrow.

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stretching my (g)fortran legs …

Working on a quick project for a partner. I haven’t done much fortran programming in the last few years, mostly C, Perl, and a few other things.
Its been a while, but now I am remembering why I disliked multi-language programming in the past. You have to fight with the linkers (and compilers) to get them to do the right thing. Stuff that should “just work” doesn’t.

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