Nail, hammer, hit hit hit!

John West has a great commentary at First I recommend, if you haven’t read it, by all means, read it. He points out that Addison Snell (a former colleague during SGI days) stands by his HPC spending/market analysis of several months ago. Further, he notes something I saw in another press release recently, that […]

Day job has a sale!

Doug has worked his magic, and turned our … er … aggressively cold weather, into a sales tool. We are having a 10% off sale. Details here. Yesterday, when I drove into work, the car thermometer registered -18F. Yup. Thats right. Should be warming up soon though. I hear we might crack 10 degrees . […]

Working on Cuda+Fortran

So we have something like 5 different Cuda capable machines in the company. My laptop, an older Quadro FX 1400 based Opteron 275 based machine, a GeForce 8800 based machine, a dual GTX260 based machine, and a Tesla machine with 3 GPUs. The latter is to be our new desk(side|top) personal supercomputer offering. Pegasus-(I|A)(3|4)G. Complex […]

stretching my (g)fortran legs …

Working on a quick project for a partner. I haven’t done much fortran programming in the last few years, mostly C, Perl, and a few other things. Its been a while, but now I am remembering why I disliked multi-language programming in the past. You have to fight with the linkers (and compilers) to get […]

ummm…. er ….. uh …. oh ….

Seagate appears to be having an issue. A fairly large number of drive models, recent models, both enterprise and desktop, appear to have some serious failure issues. We have been using Seagates for a while, they have been reliable. We have seen a higher failure rate than they report, but we chalked that up to […]

… and Satyam imploded last week

While not HPC related, we live in a non-ivory tower world. Satyam is one of the large Indian outsourcing firms. Last week, the founding brothers admitted to serious irregularities and fraud. This week the Indian government is moving swiftly to try to contain the damage. Viewed 9766 times by 1931 viewers