Question for accelerator users or those thinking of using accelerators

Ok, this is somewhat business related, I want to have a sense of what it is would make the most sense for you to have. For example, there are nice CUBLAS libs now. And some FFT implementations. What else do people need? Are you adopting an accelerator platform because the tools you need are there? … Read moreQuestion for accelerator users or those thinking of using accelerators

OT: root canal

Went in for my root canal today. Took them 7 X-tips to numb me up. Last week they tried preping the area and 10 didn’t do it (and that is the limit). Turns out they didn’t hit the right spot. They had to drill deep to get it.
For those who don’t know, X-tip is wonderful. Though it hurts for 2-3 seconds as they drill and start depositing the anesthetic. That and it leaves an awful taste.

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Color me impressed

Ok … I had gone off on the OFED build/installation scripts for v1.3 and before, noting that it required that I do lots of patching, as the build environment … basically wrappers around rpmbuild, made distro specific assumptions.
I don’t have a problem with using rpmbuild. RPMs annoy me in general, as they have been little more than a moving target, and sadly rendered effectively incompatible across distros. Not just the binary ones, but the source RPMs are very hard to build on any but the target distro. Which makes software portability… at least as packaged in RPM format, a challenge.

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