Starting to play with git

Been a mercurial user for a while, mercurial was IMO more mature when we started using it about 1.5 years ago. Git was new, and not quite as easy to deal with. What a difference 1.5 years make. I find starting/importing new projects with Mercurial harder than I like. Its not bad, it just takes […]

The hard part about hiring …

… is in not knowing if the people are able to do what you need them to do. So far, I can say I have found (and kept) one great person. I haven’t been too successful at finding good HPC people otherwise. Viewed 17317 times by 3614 viewers

Upped sustained speeds on new JackRabbit unit

I forgot to mention this. Odd. Our updated JackRabbit (JR4 f.k.a JRM) unit being burnt in over the last few days for a customer. Putting obscene loads on it. Trying hard to crash it. Really. Viewed 18685 times by 3937 viewers

Security in the cloud

I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s cloud (ok … ok … been wanting to say that … ), but the double whammy of Google’s GMail and now zero-day phishing attack starts begging some serious questions of risk and security in “the cloud”. Ok, I know, there are many different clouds. Ones within a firewall […]

Finally …

… the day job accepts credit cards (Visa, MC, AMEX) directly. A long … long … time ago, I was critical of one of my former employers for not doing this … pointing out that we had lost sales as a result of it. I do not believe in erecting barriers to users buying what […]

Updated JackRabbit M bonnie data

Continuing a previous thread, here is data from a recent RAID6 JackRabbit test. This is a 24 bay, 24 TB machine, with 64 GB ram, 8 processor cores, 1x DDR IB port, 2x GbE. Viewed 17760 times by 3725 viewers

“Top HPC trends” … or are they?

John West at links to an article I read last week and didn’t comment on. In this article David Driggers, CTO at Verari, points out what he believes to be the top 5 trends in HPC. In no particular order, he points out that CAS (content addressable storage) is “breakthrough technology” for archiving. Which […]

on the test track

One of the issues often raised in discussions with users are IOP performance of JackRabbit. We have measured our 24 bay unit performance at a bit more than 5000 IOPs (8k random reads, as closely matching a test case handed to us by a customer looking at a competitive box, which scored under 4300 IOPs […]

Been super busy …

… with orders, support, coding, customer visits, proposals … Will resume posting again shortly … Viewed 17103 times by 3812 viewers