Buying a JackRabbit … $X. Inability of Paypal to process payments … Priceless …

We are shopping for a new merchant services provider thanks in part to Paypal and its rather annoying rules.
Like not being able to process transactions over $10k USD. Oh sure, they could do it if they wanted to … but they don’t want to. Ask them, and they will tell you that it is against Federal law. Thats what they told me a while ago. Ask Paymentech or and you will hear something different.
Then there is the little bit where, if the customer is a business card user, and is not already a Paypal customer, they can’t pay more than $2000 at a time.

So if you go sell a $40k USD item to a customer, and they want to pay by credit card, they have to execute 20 transactions or more of $2000 or less.
Which is precisely why we are going elsewhere.
Hint to other small business types using Paypal. Look carefully at their issues. If your business is not on eBay, has products for business costing more than $2000 or $10000, look elsewhere. Its not worth the pain for the customer, or for you.

3 thoughts on “Buying a JackRabbit … $X. Inability of Paypal to process payments … Priceless …”

  1. Some of these are magic numbers for law enforcement. Paypal is avoiding the overhead of implementing oversight, thus leading to automated ways for others to avoid the oversight… oh… wait… hm.

  2. Ok, I have had some bad experiences with financial institutions myself (CHASE recently, and I have heard if few more. Is there a resource that one could use to find OK banks / institutions? Like customer reviews but for banks. I used to use, it was ok; anything else out there?

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