Auto industry? What auto industry?

Here in Detroit, we have the big 3 … Ford, GM, and Chrysler.
Well, maybe no longer.
This morning the government passed judgment on this industry, which had been requesting capital to survive, as the credit markets, despite protestations to the contrary from various sources, is still frozen … and they (and all other businesses) need capital (and credit) to survive.
The government has said (basically) … its Chapter 11 (or 7) for you. Their exact words appear to be

The administration’s auto team announced the departure of Mr. Wagoner on Sunday. In a summary of its findings, the task force added that it doesn’t believe Chrysler is viable as a stand-alone company and suggested that the best chance for success for both GM and Chrysler “may well require utilizing the bankruptcy code in a quick and surgical way.”

This will have some interesting impacts here in Michigan.

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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-25

@insideHPC Volume rules. This is why HPC is, and must, go down market, to desktops. And why accelerators are so important. in reply to insideHPC # @herrold You should tell you quant friend that we (scalable) are well on our way to 16 GPUs per machine. Currently max 8. Pegasus-gpu # Powered by Twitter Tools.

More about the Sun-IBM thing

John L over at InsideHPC writes about an article that appears in the print version of the New York Times. In this article, John notes that IBM is scouring Sun Microsystems contracts … well, their lawyers are doing due diligence, in large part, to help figure out if there is something of value there.
John opines that there are many things of great value. As I see it, the market has indicated otherwise, by valuing Sun Micro stock where it is now.

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