Day Job: Think Smart! Academic & Research Stimulus Sale

Tis the season for sales … this one targeted at academia/research …
See the link for details.
JackRabbit, our tightly coupled processing and storage system that unabashedly dominates performance among units of similar density, at a much lower price point, lowers that price point even more for research/education/academic customers.
You can get a 48 TB raw JackRabbit unit which as we have noted before, sustains 1.57 GB/s on writes, and 1.67 GB/s on reads for RAID60, with 64 GB ram, 8 processor cores, 2x 10 GbE or DDR Infiniband, IPMI 2.0 with kvm over IP, 2x SSD’s in a RAID1 for OS, 48 drive bays with 48x 1TB SATA drives … for $29,400 +/- a bit (depends upon choice of network).
Thats about $0.61/GB. Enjoy!