DDoS saga continues … the revenge of the attacked (mwahahaha!)

They pissed me off … driving my load up from 0.00 to 0.01 like that … Using up the … I don’t know … 10kB/minute … bandwidth …
Look at the blue arrow. This is where I told our … sentry … to get a little more proactive about … defense.

Its a start. Their network is a scale free net. We could collapse it fairly easily. In fact, I am thinking about readying that change, so if I need it (that is, if they get serious about mailbombing us, and not this pretty whimpy thing here), I can turn it on at a moments notice.

2 thoughts on “DDoS saga continues … the revenge of the attacked (mwahahaha!)”

  1. @Peter
    We have several scripts do failure forensic analysis. Suspicious (multiple) failures from one host/ip are flagged, and postfix is told to ignore further email from this host. Not permanently, but long enough to handle spam sources.
    We could, with some work, roll this into an supportable package. I thought about some additional enhancements and data mining we could do, as well as report generation, and other things. That would require a paying customer for those things.

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