Parrot hits 1.0

Parrot you say?
Think of it as the engine which underlies Perl6 and quite a few other dynamic languages …

Parrot is a virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and execute bytecode for dynamic languages. Parrot currently hosts a variety of language implementations in various stages of completion, including Tcl, Javascript, Ruby, Lua, Scheme, PHP, Python, Perl 6, APL, and a .NET bytecode translator.

One engine to run them all, and in the computer, bind them.
Hopefully this means (also) that Perl6 will formally ship this Christmas. The running joke is that it will ship around Christmas, only the year is indeterminate.

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HPC @ Cisco?

Cisco announced a new product today, code named California. You can read some of the info here. This system, also known more formally as a “Unified Computing System” aims to integrate computing, networking and storage into a single managed system. Cisco appears to be aiming for what it believes to be a sweet spot in virtualized infrastructures.
Their play appears to be focused upon virtualization. They tied in a slew of players on the software stack side, and Accenture on the services side.
Ok, but is it an HPC system or an HPC play? Could it be?

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Why is (the) Sun trying to peak out from behind the clouds (of computing)

Maybe later on this week I’ll write up a more detailed set of things I’ve been thinking of, while I see another “fad” grip the computing world.
Until then, John West at asks a question of why is Sun coming back to the cloud table? John points* out

Anyway, you may recall that Sun has been down this road before, first with SunGrid and then the rebranding, which culminated in a shut down back in December. I think it’s very odd, and disturbing if you are a Sun customer, that they aren’t using their own datacenter, especially since they have spilled so much ink talking about how great their datacenter guys are (oh, say, here, here, and the 0 datacenter dust up here, and let’s please not forget the whole Redshift “our datacenter will be one of five one the planet” thing).

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It is sure to be removed, so look at this ASAP

Back at SGI, the company did a pitful job explaining who it was, what it did, and how it did it, not to mention why it was important.
This is marketing, basic simple, get the message out marketing.
In the 90’s, SGI was a great company. We had at the time, great products.
And, as we naively believed that the world would beat a path to our door in order to get them, we sorta … kinda … forgot to tell people about what we did and why it was important.
Though I should point out, that occasionally, a flash of marketing brilliance would shine through.
This is one of those flashes. I’ll give you an anecdote after you view the video below. I expect that someone somewhere will complain about copyright, or song ownership and redistribution rights … so expect it to be gone soon.

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