Day job news

Nope, haven’t been acquired. There is a lot of that going around though (and in some cases, rollups can do good in this market). We are now officially a Cray CX1 reseller (woot!!!) Since my SGI days, I’ve really enjoyed working with my Crayon colleagues. The funny thing is that many of the faces are … Read moreDay job news

3ware acquired by LSI

AMCC looks like they sold their 3ware raid bits to LSI on the 21st of April. 3ware is one of the major lower end RAID suppliers out there. They have a volume business, but like everyone, I suspect AMCC was falling on hard times, and needed to monetize its purchase of 3ware. What does this … Read more3ware acquired by LSI

The magical incantation to make rPath linux enable compilation … about 1/2 way to where we need to be

I have been quite critical of rPath. I believe rightly so. They make life far too hard for people who need to build code or kernel modules to live patch a system. The documentation for doing this stuff … really doesn’t exist. You are frankly, on your own.
So I have spent hours trying to figure this out. And finally, came across the method to get builds to work.

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Cloudy issues

I need to get this out first and foremost. I do believe that cloud computing or similar is inevitable. It is coming.
I am also a realist. I know perfectly well that there are some fairly significant impediments to it.
The impediments are a mixture of technological deployment, and business models. Its not impossible to do this given sufficient money. But some of the dependencies are simply too pricey to enable rapid cloud adoption, and I don’t see this changing rapidly in the near term (next 3 years).
Ok … this is the short version of things. I can go into it in much greater depth, and I may. But not now.
HPCwire reports on some work going on to use the cloud. There are some very very important messages in there for potential cloud users, something the hype has largely covered (and something we worry about all the time).
Data motion. Or more precisely, the time and monetary cost of data motion.

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