3ware acquired by LSI

AMCC looks like they sold their 3ware raid bits to LSI on the 21st of April.
3ware is one of the major lower end RAID suppliers out there. They have a volume business, but like everyone, I suspect AMCC was falling on hard times, and needed to monetize its purchase of 3ware.
What does this mean? Probably more consolidation in the storage market. 3ware built its own storage processors. LSI makes storage processors. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 3ware brand continued to some level, but with LSI chips going forward.
Or LSI could simply close them down, take out a competitor at the low end. I think the LSI Megaraid folks have somewhat similar performance to the 3ware cards. But between the two, the 3ware folks have a far better interface with Linux … LSI’s drivers in the kernel are severely outdated, and (sadly) they show no signs of fixing this situation.