2 thoughts on “Monday morning, an hour before the markets open …”

  1. I wonder why it hasn’t dropped to it’s pre-takeover-rumor levels? Maybe after the markets open?

  2. @Mark
    We will see … this is likely to be an unpleasant and bumpy ride. If there is no second suitor (as I suspect), and Sun’s board was doing the brinksmanship thing, then investors aren’t going to be too happy.
    If Sun continues on its own through its end of year in June, I am guessing we will see a significant shareholder “throw the bums out” reaction during the shareholder meeting.
    If (as Chris S suggests on the beowulf list) this is nothing more than board factionalization between Scott McNealy and JS, well, … then Sun shareholders have quite a bit to worry about … as the board wouldn’t be acting in the interests of the shareholders.

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