Detroit: Where the weak are killed and eaten

Way back in graduate school, my family was in town for my wedding. Back then, Detroit had a reputation … not a pretty one … for being the murder capital of the US. Sure made my folks happy I was going to grad school there. So while we were wandering around in Greektown right after […]

Acquisition day T + 5: We learn more

Ok, looks like I was dead on right on some aspects, and likely pie in the sky with others. Here is where I was right. This acquisition was, and is, about Java and MySQL. From The Register yesterday: Exclusive Oracle’s senior management has expressed its love for Sun Microsystems’ software and hardware but warned tough […]

Great concept, terrible implementation

I’ve mentioned rPath before, as it is the basis for OpenFiler, and other appliances. Now with the mad headlong rush into the misty vapors of cloud computing, they are rebranding as a cloud appliance provider. Their concept is great. Create a functional software appliance, run it everywhere. Thats not what i am going to complain […]

Amusing story of the day: yes, someone has tried to scam us

So there I am waiting for my 3:30pm phone call. Working on a Delta-V for a partner. Get a call from the number 5618260072 Remember that number. This person claimed they were representing Hugh Downs production company and wanted to do a story. Obviously this person had no clue, was reading from a script, and […]

The bell may toll for Chrysler … next week

From the NYT, we learn that they are being pushed to a Chapter 11 filing. This is needed, in order to cause a break on some of the really bad contracts and other business elements they have agreed to over the years. Chrysler is a consumer of HPC products. Rumor has it a large (effectively […]

96TB JR5 now available

96TB raw capacity, 5U high performance storage system with 64GB ram, 8 processor cores, 4x GbE, 2x 10GbE ports, dual hardware accelerated RAID cards, SSD boot drives. For well under $1000/TB. More information coming in the formal announcement this week. Viewed 9348 times by 1903 viewers

Acquisition T + 1 day:

As John West points out over at, the FAQ really didn’t live up to FAQ standards … very little was answered, and there are many more questions. But a pattern did emerge, that fundamentally suggests that we may have been (more) right (than we knew). This acquisition was about MySQL and Java. And other […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-21

The Sun has set: acquired by Oracle after messing up IBM acquisition. Hardware and HPC probably gone. Its Java Larry wanted. # Powered by Twitter Tools. Viewed 10837 times by 2196 viewers

Game over: Sun snarfed up by Oracle

See the PR. Oh my. Imagine one of several scenarios. Scenario 1: All other hardware vendors drop Oracle certification efforts and cease selling Oracle on their platforms as Oracle hasn’t stopped directly competing with them. Viewed 15418 times by 2852 viewers

“Customer service”

Names not used to protect the guilty. We have a motherboard that we bought about 2 years ago now. It was used to run 5310 processors for a build machine for a while. Well, the fist motherboard we had from them, while advertised as compatible with quad core … wasn’t. We had to RMA it […]