Reuters on Sun + IBM : "No we really want to be courted"

Yahoo news points to an article on Reuters news service, where it quotes unnamed people familiar with the situation.
Very short article, looks more like a backchannel communication method saying “come back, we really do want you to court us”.
I would imagine that some shareholders … er … expressed their rather positions, rather emphatically … to Sun’s board. I am sure quite a bit of heat was generated, until the relevant people saw the light.

Just guessing of course. Sun didn’t want to (accidentally) turn into Yahoo.
Too late.
If IBM came back, and I am not sure if it would … playing games now means merging things will be harder due to egos and such, I am reasonably sure the offer would be lower. Is the pain worth the cost? Will Sun pull more shenanigans? That has to be factored into the cost.
I would hope Sun’s board gets this.