The magical incantation to make rPath linux enable compilation … about 1/2 way to where we need to be

I have been quite critical of rPath. I believe rightly so. They make life far too hard for people who need to build code or kernel modules to live patch a system. The documentation for doing this stuff … really doesn’t exist. You are frankly, on your own.
So I have spent hours trying to figure this out. And finally, came across the method to get builds to work.

[root@dv3-of arcmsr]# conary update glibc:devel
Including extra troves to resolve dependencies:
Applying update job:
    Install glibc:devel=2.3.6-8.9-1
    Install glibc:devellib=2.3.6-8.9-1
[root@dv3-of arcmsr]# cd
[root@dv3-of ~]# cd fio
[root@dv3-of fio]# make
    CC gettime.o
    CC fio.o
    CC ioengines.o
    CC init.o
    CC stat.o
    CC log.o
    CC time.o
    CC filesetup.o
    CC eta.o
    CC verify.o
    CC memory.o
    CC io_u.o
    CC parse.o
    CC mutex.o
    CC options.o
    CC rbtree.o
    CC diskutil.o
    CC fifo.o
    CC blktrace.o
    CC smalloc.o
    CC filehash.o
    CC crc/crc7.o
    CC crc/crc16.o
    CC crc/crc32.o
    CC crc/crc32c.o
    CC crc/crc32c-intel.o
    CC crc/crc64.o
    CC crc/sha256.o
    CC crc/sha512.o
    CC crc/md5.o
    CC engines/cpu.o
    CC engines/libaio.o
    CC engines/mmap.o
    CC engines/posixaio.o
    CC engines/sg.o
    CC engines/splice.o
    CC engines/sync.o
    CC engines/null.o
    CC engines/net.o
    CC engines/syslet-rw.o
    CC engines/guasi.o
    DEP depend
    CC fio

So now I can build code.
But not kernel modules. This still doesn’t work.
Ok. Will keep digging.
rPath folks, if you are reading this, you need to make this simple, and document it. It is not currently simple, nor is it documented.

3 thoughts on “The magical incantation to make rPath linux enable compilation … about 1/2 way to where we need to be”

  1. The problem here is that OpenFiler includes the bare minimum software needed for its function. You need additional software (gcc) to build kernel modules. You also need kernel headers that match the running kernel. Install kernel:build-tree with “conary update kernel:build-tree”. If you need additional help, there are usually people in #conary on that can assist.

  2. Actually didn’t work. Enough was effectively destroyed by my experiments that I had to reload the system. Working on that now.

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