Finally: Direct Postfixbogofilter integration

We’ve been running a pipeline our spam tagging and virus removal for a while. It was integrated into the pipeline via procmail, not directly into postfix.
Well, I finally figured out how to do one of the stages as an integrated tagger within postfix. Turns out to be fairly easy. And I didn’t create the method, I simply adapted it. We can always switch back to the other method if needed.
The original article was about integrating spamassassin into postfix. What I did was remarkably similar.

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Coming up for air …. gulp

Wow … this has been one of our most active days/weeks. I hope we don’t delay the PR, but I am clearly in need of additional hands. Doug suggested cloning, though this is illegal in the state of Michigan. I thought I had cleared my plate last night. Nope. No such luck.

Two more down

Visteon filed chapter 11 today. Visteon is parts supplier to Ford. Ford now has to help them out … or risk not being able to get sub-assemblies. This is not good for Ford, significantly increases the risk for them.
Metaldyne also filed. Metaldyne was a supplier to Chrysler. When Chrysler filed Chapter 11, well, suppliers won’t get paid for a while … if at all.

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The risk of bricking, and the lessons that people need to learn

I read several excellent synopses from SiCortex former staff such as Jeff Darcy, and Matt Reilly. Jeff and Matt gave several excellent arguments as to why SiCortex succeeded, despite getting the plug pulled.
Some will guffaw about this, and say that pulling the plug was evidence of failure. They would be wrong. VCs will pull plugs everywhere from pre-term sheet to capital call time. Their rationale for pulling plugs won’t always make sense, to you, or others. Or sometimes to anyone.

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24 hour rule — revoked

[update] In multiple conversations/emails today, I learned that this was indeed true. The link to InsideHPC story is here.
Vipin and I were rooting for them, as the technology was interesting, the approach different, and the value apparent. This was before we talked to them about possibly working together.
This company did have good technology, did have great people.
Now a VC/financial group has assets they have to sell. Maybe someone can explain to me how that is more valuable than a viable functioning growing going concern, generating revenue, closing in on break even. In this market.

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Apparently, we ain't seen nothin' … yet …

You can hear lots of people talking over the last few weeks, how we are “bottoming out” in terms of the economy. Privately, I had wondered if this was merely a dead cat bounce.
With oil now rapidly rising, articles are appearing that start to call into question the impact upon the economy. Turning what they authors hope to be nascent recoveries into what they predict to be additional (significant) declines.
Of course, against this backdrop, the US auto industry tragicomedy is playing out. This is the tragedy of too high a cost basis for labor, too many dealerships, competing with each other, too much production capacity for demand, and too little quality (perceived or real) relative to the competition. It was a comedy in the sense of a comedy of errors. Its not funny as in “ha ha” funny. In a dark, twisted sort of way it is.
Michigan’s economy, despite the best of intentions of others, depends critically upon this tragicomedy of an industry, for its tax base. The top 3 industries in the state are auto, tourism (no, not kidding), and agriculture.
So what impact will a much smaller auto industry have upon the state?
I am a realist. I tell people unvarnished truths. And sometimes it pisses them off. Denial not a river in Egypt and all that.
I am having a hard time with this one.

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