Microsoft raising large sums of cash … for what?

I’ve heard speculation of acquisitions. This would be the time for it. Valuations are down, and good companies can be had “on the cheap”.
I’ve heard someone mention EMC as a target. Somehow … well … I don’t thinks so. Doesn’t seem like a good fit.
I have a very odd sense of what a “good” fit would be. I am sure lots of folks will disagree. But it would solve many problems for Microsoft, right away.

They are doing well, making money, and taking marketshare from Unix and Windows systems. Acquiring them gives Microsoft an instant OSS story, an instant cred in the OSS world, as long as they don’t try something silly like shutting them down.
Redhat is the defacto distribution of choice for corporate America. Why not bring it into the fold? Then port Office to Redhat.
And everything else.
Integrate AD with Redhat. Integrate all these other tools.
As I said, I am sure people will disagree. But this would make for an interesting linkup.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft raising large sums of cash … for what?”

  1. @Rohit
    Heh … Good for them, not necessarily for the rest of the world.
    From a business sense, it doesn’t look like a bad idea at all. Think of it in terms of revenue growth and market control.
    It might be hard to get this one past the regulators, but I would bet that MSFT would at least think about this …

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