New online store is up and live!!!

Linky linky. You can buy JackRabbits, and Pegasus, and DeltaV (ΔV) … all online, from the comfort of your armchair at home.
And bunny slippers, must not forget the bunny slippers.
You have to create an account on the site, and you need a real email and contact data to see pricing/enter stuff into the cart. Account creation will require administrator approval.
It is very cool, Doug ordered several JackRabbits for himself this week…
None of this would have been possible, of course, without Doug, and his tireless and fearless pursuit of this function. Even more impossible would have been to consider this if we had stuck with … the old web site.
Again, kudos to Doug for a magnificent effort. Let the ordering begin in earnest!

5 thoughts on “New online store is up and live!!!”

  1. @Chris
    I’ll un-spam-ify it. Not sure why. Akismet might be a bit jumpy. I looked at the spam attempts on the blog. Far more than I had thought (spam counter on the page is inaccurate, way too low it seems).
    Anyway, Doug deserves all the credit.

    • Ugh… wasn’t spamed … it just disappeared. Completely.
      I think I might disable the ajax comment stuff. Will give it some more time, but if it nukes comments again, fuggedaboutit.

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