Ok, I got sick of the spam, changed the mailer back

About a month ago, I altered our SMTP daemon to not be so picky about mail. Previous to this, I had turned on and tweaked many anti-spam things. One of my favorites so far has been spf. Turns out, that lots of mailers are incorrectly configured. That is being generous. Lots of mailers are on […]

I had to try this …

Yeah … well … At least it recognizes it could be humorous. Look at the bottom of the image … Viewed 10216 times by 2166 viewers

A simple statement

Yesterday, I got into a discussion with Sean Eddy at Janelia farms over the change in HMMer. Today I saw this online. Let me be clear. The name “HMMer” is Sean’s, and he can do with it what he wants. My concern was about something different, which we are going to adapt to. We are […]

Ugh: 12.9% and climbing

While the rest of the nation deals with a persistent and painful recession, with associated job loss, business activity slowdown, Michigan pretty much leads the nation in unemployment. This is not a good thing to lead the nation in. Job production. That would be good. VC and capital investment. That would be good. Educational accomplishment […]

Short program last night on NPR about banks

Our bank is one that failed its stress test, but just got another $13B by selling stock. Ok, we are being told the credit market is unfreezing. LIBOR is falling. Good. What does this mean for small businesses? Precisely squat. Viewed 11316 times by 2068 viewers

Short article on the growth of accelerators in life science work

I am quoted in there quite a bit. This is GenomeWeb magazine covering the many aspects of what is called Bio-IT. One of the massive problems around Bio-IT is moving data (go figure), storing data (again …), and processing data. I’ve heard some people provide arguments as to why accelerators won’t play there … and […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-19

@mndoci should we assume our friend “Chad” wasn’t invited to that party … ? Too bad we can’t do that here … in reply to mndoci # Powered by Twitter Tools. Viewed 12846 times by 2288 viewers

Doing a bit more performance testing on the big JR4

[This was an older post from a few weeks ago, sitting in my queue. Cleared it out] Want to burn it in. Played with an experimental kernel, and found the Mellanox drivers wouldn’t build. Too many things have changed from 2.6.27 to Ok, reloaded with Centos 5.3. Will stress test the default kernel. For […]