Short program last night on NPR about banks

Our bank is one that failed its stress test, but just got another $13B by selling stock.
Ok, we are being told the credit market is unfreezing. LIBOR is falling.
Good. What does this mean for small businesses?
Precisely squat.

Yup, you got it. Our credit market is frozen solid. The bank analysts admitted, on the radio program, that what the banks were doing was hording cash.
The banks want to pay back TARP as soon as possible. They don’t want their pay impacted.
They want to shore up their finances.
They just don’t want to loan money.
Which means … the credit market, despite protestations to the contrary from our government, is for all intents and purposes, frozen.
I got an idea, why not use the SBA.
Well, it would work.
If there was a secondary market for these loans.
There isn’t.
So the SBA is also frozen. Lots of other small company management I have spoken with or corresponded with have said similar things.
In the backdrop of all of this, our orders and market traction are increasing. Yeah, its a good problem to have. Just wish the banks could be relied on to be there when we need them. They aren’t now.