Good conversation with NVidia

They are getting backlog serviced as fast as they can. Looks like they are clearing it out pretty quickly. This is good. Customers had been asking us about the reason for the delay. We speculated numerous possibilities. Most (all?) of them (my speculations) were wrong. That is good as well. I am thinking now that […]

Cloud storage and HPC cloud PR is out

Released this morning Automated High Performance Computing Solutions Provide Alternative to Shared Virtual Private Server Clouds FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(Business Wire)– NewServers Inc., the leading provider of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) dedicated cloud servers, today announced a strategic partnership with high performance computing (HPC) provider Scalable Informatics that will provide cloud storage solutions capable of […]

Lots of updates, all good

All for the day job: First, our help system is now online. This allows us to provide an externally visible issue tracking and project management/tracking site for customers. Not just for our hardware. Scalable Informatics has been helping people support other peoples hardware for quite a while. Some of our biggest/best customers have not bought […]

Freedom from bricking

This is one of several memes customers are noting to us. They are worried, what happens if vendor X goes away, can I still get support/fixes/replacement parts for my gear? In the case of some of our competitors, the answer is a resounding and unqualified NO. In our case, our high performance JackRabbit systems, our […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-06-25

There seems to be an awful lot of pr0n types that follow … I block them. Is this a losing battle? Should I just give in? # Powered by Twitter Tools. Viewed 21389 times by 4058 viewers

Kick a region when its’ down …

I’ve been talking about the woes of the area we live and work in. Canton is right outside Detroit and Ann Arbor Michigan. Its a nice place for many reasons. But a tech haven? No. For a long time, we had lots of commercial supercomputing in this area. It was a good place to be […]

Sounds like Lustre is getting something of a bad rap

Coverage from ISC09 in Hamburg has GPFS (from IBM) doing well, and Lustre being … well … Lustre. From InsideHPC’s coverage in the sidebar … The latest from the ISC’09 Twitter stream. Follow insideHPC. * LSI: “Lustre does not handle very well things going bad!” Thank you Terascale for that very insightful Session! #ISC09 * […]