Amusing programming construct that I am using for sanity checking

Start out from a known state …

my $dryrun    = false;
my $debug     = false;
my $sanity     = false;

Heh …

Maybe I should create a function with a probability distribution (a fuzzy function) named “is_in_doubt()” so I can write

my $sanity = &is_in_doubt();

(and yes, this is Perl … I just can’t bring myself to go back to a language that thinks indentation is a good and necessary thing for program structure … 🙁 )

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2 thoughts on “Amusing programming construct that I am using for sanity checking

  1. Don’t be ashamed of Perl. Its a great programming language, thouroughly tested and full of modules, only a bit out of fashion. Not being a programmer, I don’t find the need of programming with anything else most of the time.

    — Diego.

  2. @Diego

    I too often hear silliness about Perl (like the ‘write-once’ canard, the ‘line noise’ canard, etc).

    I use it for our products, and have been a user of it and contributor to it (Sudo and DBIx::SimplePerl modules on CPAN) for a while.

    I agree, its not fashionable. Language fads come and go, and only the ones with real value remain. Perl appears to be one of the ones with real value.

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