Good conversation with NVidia

They are getting backlog serviced as fast as they can. Looks like they are clearing it out pretty quickly. This is good.
Customers had been asking us about the reason for the delay. We speculated numerous possibilities. Most (all?) of them (my speculations) were wrong. That is good as well.
I am thinking now that the problem is macroeconomic, not microeconomic. That is, its the entire ecosystem, not one company. Everyone gets walloped in a recession.

For example, we have a 3/4 completed 96TB JackRabbit unit sitting on an assembly bench. Waiting on disks. We have just received our 10GbE cards from an order 3-ish weeks ago. Supermicro motherboards, various CPUs, all delayed. But these delays are due to “bubbles” in the pipeline. And this makes it hard for us to ship when we have delays. I suspect that everyone in the market is seeing similar things.
We do keep stock for service/support. But its not enough to build several units.
Good job NVidia, keep cranking them out.