[Warning: Old news] Ouch …

[Warning] This is old news that got reposted as new.

From LinuxHPC.org (Ken Farmer’s excellent site) I saw this …

M & A Technology, parent company of Team HPC, was found guilty of Breach of Contract, Conversion and Tortuous Interference. The judge ordered M & A Technology to pay $10.2 million to the plantiff, iValue Group Inc.

I wonder if this impacts any TeamHPC or M&A GSA contracts, which are usually quite … explicit … about lawsuit issues and eligibility for opportunities. They might have to go through a proxy if they can’t go direct.

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  1. This is weird because the LinuxHPC story links to a Reuter’s report dated January 14, 2008. Also the law firm that won the judgement (Feazell-Tighe) has a news release on their Web site also dated 1-14-08. This appears to be old news that somehow got posted as current.

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