shades of things to come for Sun

There are still a few stalwarts who believe that Oracle’s purchase of Sun will continue their favorite projects and products.
Then you see stuff like this:

Exclusive Little more than a month after acquiring Virtual Iron for an undisclosed fee, Oracle is effectively killing the company’s virtualization product.
In a letter to Virtual Iron’s sales partners, Oracle says it “will suspend development of existing Virtual Iron products and will suspend delivery of orders to new customers.” And in a second letter to a partner speaking with The Reg, the company says it will not allow partners to sell new licenses to anyone – including existing customers – after the end of this month (i.e. in 11 days). Before then, partners can only sell licenses to existing customers under certain conditions.


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Registering for an account: some things I have observed

So the day jobs online store is up. We provide some of the information openly, and some information, specifically pricing, is available to people who register for an account.
Why do we do it this way? I’ve found this to be a good way to distinguish between people who are merely curious, but wouldn’t consider purchasing, and people who want information for a potential purchase. If you are serious about something, you are going to be willing to dig a little deeper. And it allows us to establish something of a quid pro quo. Information for information.
We do not use this information for any other reason than servicing orders, providing additional information and quotes if requested. We don’t sell it, don’t share it, don’t loan it. We don’t even ask for very much. Just a real name. A real contact phone number. A real email, and a real mailing address.
Thats it.

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Dealing with the Tesla non-availability issue

If you haven’t heard, Tesla’s are hard to come by. We have several Pegasus systems that customers have purchased, that we can’t get the units for. All of the distributors and resellers we have spoken to indicate that they are getting a small fraction of their orders filled. We have had units on order over a month. Several more orders, and a hard deadline to get units filled.

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