Press release from day job … 96TB and Flash/SSD based JackRabbits!

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CANTON, MI – June 4, 2009 UTC – Scalable Informatics, a High Performance Computing solutions provider known for innovation, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of several new, low cost, high performance, high capacity, tightly coupled storage and processing systems.
Scalable Informatics JackRabbit??? systems provide low cost, highly reliable RAID storage, with performance of 700 MB/s on low end systems, to in excess of 1.5 GB/s to disk using RAID 6 for midrange systems. With industry leading densities of up to 19.2 TB/U, JackRabbit systems are offered in configurations from 12 to 48 SATA II or SAS drives, 8 to 24 processors, 16 to 256 GB RAM, 1 to 4 RAID controllers (with battery-backed cache), 4 to 14 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 0 to 4 InfiniBand SDR/DDR/QDR ports, 0 to 4 ports for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, with IPMI 2.0 and KVM over IP built in for lights out management. All units can ship with Intel Nehalem (Xeon 5500 series), AMD Shanghai, or AMD Istanbul processors (Opteron 2300/8300 or 2400/8400 series).
New models include JR2-24Tn, JR3-32Tn, JR4-48Tn, and JR5-96Tn which provide 24TB, 32TB, 48TB, and 96TB high performance hardware accelerated RAID storage, respectively. All of these units are competitively priced at under $1,000 USD/TB.

For applications such as database systems, where IOP rate is paramount, Scalable Informatics introduces the SSD-based JackRabbit Flash??? system. JackRabbit Flash models JRF2-768Gn and JRF2-1536Gn provide 768GB and 1536 GB of SSD flash-based storage, respectively, with measured, sustained IOPs (8k random reads) of over 23,500.
Scalable Informatics JackRabbit systems are designed and used for low cost, high-reliability, high performance storage and processing systems, and provide a combination of fast disk, large memories, and significant processing power. These features enable users of Scalable Informatics JackRabbit systems to store, retrieve, process, and move huge quantities of data quickly.
Scalable Informatics JackRabbit systems are well suited for applications as cloud and cluster storage, providing simultaneous block (iSCSI) and file service capability, and high capacity virtual machine (VM) service. End user applications of Scalable Informatics JackRabbit include high performance financial services data processing, Genomic sequencer data storage and processing, CGI/Animation and film data processing, seismic data storage and processing, among many other applications.
Clusters of Scalable Informatics JackRabbit systems are able to scale well beyond 60PB while providing high performance and high reliability. (1 PB is 1000 TB; 1 TB is 1000 GB).
Scalable Informatics JackRabbit systems are available now from Scalable Informatics and its partners.
Scalable Informatics is a privately-owned, high performance computing solutions company focusing on delivering pragmatic solutions to computational problems. They design, build, and support high performance clusters, storage and workstation hardware, scalable and accelerated software, and offer support, consulting and development services. Scalable Informatics is a proud member of Automation Alley.
Contact: Joe Landman, Scalable Informatics, 734.786.8423; fax 866.888.3112; web:
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