Cash for clunkers: why it was a good idea

This is more economic than HPC related, but it has a relationship to HPC as it turns out. Cash for clunkers was designed to replace lower MPG cars with higher MPG cars, by offering effectively a discount for purchase. The government allocated $1B to the program. It started Monday. As of today, Friday, the money […]

Notes: 7 years in 2 days, and some new product stuff

Our 7-year business anniversary (from when we started) is in 2 days. We launched 1-August-2002, at the height of the internet bubble collapse. I took a golden handshake from my employer at the time and formed Scalable. Took the risk I had always been afraid of. 7 years ago. Amazing. Growing and profitable six out […]

So close … so close … and then …

In this past weeks HPCwire podcast, Chris Willard and Michael Feldman discuss many things. The business side of HPC, the future of companies, etc. I agreed with everything they said (having said it here in these pages in the past). That is, until the last minute. Thats where what they said doesn’t quite mesh with […]

What is the future of storage?

I am seeing lots of deep soul searching in pundit circles, as well as head scratching on the part of customers, as various vendors writhe and contort in their death throes. Pundits regularly trash that which they neither grasp, nor prefer. Customers wonder what the right path going forward is. Vendors struggle to figure out […]

“But we can’t use you because you are not ‘X'”

Been running into a bit of this recently. Its usually preceded or followed with some sort of performance requirement, that ‘X’ just can’t hit, or they would need so much of ‘X’ that it blows their budget up. I find it interesting that the IT folks, the ones really worried about their futures due to […]

Itanic sinks at SGI

This was a long time coming. The previous management, prior to them sinking in april 2009, nor the management teams before that … going back at least 10 years, would never have done this. Its a shame. It should have happened long long ago. Viewed 19743 times by 4039 viewers

JR5: Marathon run

For those benchmark pr0n viewers … here is Scalable Informatics Inc. JackRabbit JR5 unit with 48 drives. Simple benchmark. How long does it take you to write 1TB. How about 524 seconds? Viewed 16183 times by 3703 viewers

A silly bug in io-bm

It wasn’t enough to impact results, but it was enough to cause questioning my results (and sanity). Part of the IO operation is having N processes write to 1 file. To make this happen correctly, each process has to compute their offset into the file, and start operations from there. There is a seek involved. […]