2 thoughts on “… and HP snarfs up Ibrix …”

  1. technically – the acquisition makes not much sense.
    They already had Polyserve – which does more or less the same.
    (but it could be, that all polyserve people left or the product is dead)
    So “something else” must have been the driver here…
    Financially – they probably got it at a low-enough price …
    (maybe they even had to sell ?)
    And Dell (or EMC) will likely not even realize any difference in revenues 🙂
    HP is quite famous of doing storage-software wrong.
    They co-funded Lustre – and screwed up with SFS commercially.
    They bought Polyserve – and made nothing of it.
    now Ibrix – I’m not really expecting a different outcome 🙂

  2. @hrini
    I remember at SGI, one of our CFOs pointed out that technical mergers rarely, if ever, work as intended.
    One of the great dangers for small companies being bought by large ones, is getting lost in the internal political games. Large companies often have complex politics, and bringing small companies in, means they have to compete for senior exec attention to get things done. This rarely happens.
    Ibrix will have to learn to navigate the HP way. Its success/failure in the marketplace will be a function of how well it can convince its customers that this acquisition is a positive, and that it has been and will continue to navigate HP with aplomb.
    Ibrix’s competitors won’t stand still.
    What’s interesting to me is that Ibrix and Lustre have at least some commonality in aspects of their designs (specifically on the MDS). Both like/prefer ext3++ as the native fs.
    There is huge uncertainty over Lustre’s future, and I’d argue that Ibrix’s also may have issues going forward.

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