Talking about high performance …

… the Blue Angels are doing hard banks right above my house right now, as part of the Willow Run Thunder over Michigan airshow. We went to it yesterday, but live close enough that we see them on their far turns.
Two minutes ago they were literally right over my house, doing a hard bank.
Have pictures and videos. Most impressive!
These guys and gals have some serious high performance hardware …
I have to admit, some of my favorite parts were when they did their high speed passes, and then opened up with afterburners on the climb out. Talk about rockin someone’s world …
[update] if you have never seen these guys perform, I highly recommend it. I just went out a few minutes ago and watched them bank at several hundred knots, about a thousand feet or so above my driveway. Looking straight up into the sky, seeing 4 of them go overhead pulling a left turn, while having the ground reverberating around you …. yeah, pretty awesome !

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  1. The really fun part: that hardware was engineered 30 years ago. Can’t wait for the introduction of the F-35 series.

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