Two for two …

We use Fedex and UPS to ship in the day job. Lots of our stuff is pretty sturdy, but some things simply do not like being bumped hard. Like disks. Or like Pegasus boxen, with many expensive cards sitting in the PCI-e slots.
Awaiting pictures from the customer, but it looks like two of the Cell based units we shipped out (w/o Tesla cards, that should be arriving soon), got beat up in transit.
From what I hear, one of the PCIe connectors is bent at a 45 degree angle.
Going to have a little talk with Fedex on this, and ask them if they like paying for a) our shipping, b) replacement units, c) our time in diagnosing shipping-induced problems. Maybe it is time to start using more UPS than Fedex.

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  1. We have had much success with FedEx and NO success with UPS. Almost every package we ship with UPS gets damaged and have very few loss with FedEx. On our heavy arrays with disks we are ONLY shipping on skids with foam around the item and have NOT had any issues.

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