Rumor of HP looking at Sun HW acquisition

Reported on the Inquirer site. The claim is that this deal would complement the EDS services business. Hmmm…. HP could take (and is taking) Sun’s business for effectively free. Why would they pay for something they can get for free? Something just doesn’t ring true about this, and I’d chalk this rumor up to more […]

In the end, it is all about money

An article on softpedia discusses the state of the windows/linux client and server markets. I can personally attest to seeing Microsoft scrambling to try to turn every Linux opportunity into a windows win, but I am not sure they completely grasp what they are up against. This article amplifies this. Customers will continually increase to […]

A small DeltaV test

This is for a customer who wants to run a benchmark today. Wish we had a JackRabbit in the lab, but our engineering machine is at a customer site. One “blade” of a “CX1” with 3.2 GHz Nehalem’s, 24 GB ram (about to bump this to 72 GB for customer benchmark), an SDR Infiniband connection […]

M&A: Tibco snaps up DataSynapse

See here. DataSynapse, for those who don’t know, makes tools that help financial services folks schedule work across large clusters. They are pretty big on wall street. They are now going to be part of Tibco. Competitors are Platform et al. As this Great Recession marches on, I do expect to see additional M&A activity, […]

Sun+Oracle update: not done yet, but they are in a rush

It was reported earlier this week that Oracle received an OK from US DOJ to acquire Sun. A new article suggests the reason for the speed. Oracle had originally hoped to complete the acquisition in August. Sun shareholders on July 16 approved the $5.6 billion deal by a wide enough margin for the Justice Department […]

Try + buy programs

We no longer do try and buy programs. We’ve found that customers would use our unit to lever our competitors down in price, and extract additional concessions from them. Just walk them by our box with the blinkenlights, and the nice logos … scared quite a few sales reps into submission. Then we get our […]

Business focus … scaling programs up

This is about scalability in processes and administration of programs, not really HPC. Last month, I took advantage of cash 4 clunkers. I got rid of a car I swore to drive into the ground (which I nearly did). In 4 days, the government is finally admitting, it had 250k transactions. The dealerships were crowded. […]

Rumors of Infiniband’s (imminent) demise …

… are greatly exaggerated. John at InsideHPC has an article on Cisco’s move out of Infiniband which refers to another article on this. I have to basically say, I’ll believe 10GbE conquering IB when I see it. Every year is proclaimed to be the year that IB is vanquished by 10GbE. I was reporting on […]