Cilk Arts acquired by Intel

Story here. InsideHPC has been covering them for a while. Cilk was/is a different approach to parallelism than language developers traditionally used.
Basically it deployed various work queues for each core, and the work queues decided when they needed more work. As I remember, they could “steal” from other work queues. The net effect of this was an effectively implicitly described parallelism. I am probably explaining it wrong.
It is a neat way to work, but it is focused upon C++. The Cilk developers had to distinguish themselves from alternative methods (OpenMP, others). Various … er … enthusiastic … discussions ensued between OpenMP and Cilk people.
I don’t think Cilk is going away. I think, like TBB, it will be offered as part of the development suite.
Congratulations to Duncan, and the rest of the Cilk team!