Cloud migrations to most beneficial tax regime …

I thought this was interesting. Microsoft basically pulling a plug on a large project over tax issues, and moving its capability to where it has a more favorable situation.
I see a simple (and dare I say obvious) evolution in the cloud infrastructure landscape.

Take your container systems, put them on a truck and drive them to where the taxes are best.
This would create demand for points of presence with good power and network connections.
Your data center need not be anchored to one spot anymore. No longer subject to specific local/state/federal laws. Don’t like US laws? Hook up in Canada/Mexico.
This could get very interesting. Imagine your data center houses something legal in one location yet illegal in another. What if that data center traverses roads in the area where the thing is illegal?
This makes the concept of cloud risk somewhat more complex, as now it may be possible for your data to be seized by authorities for the act of traversing a specific location.

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  1. I suspect you’d set up a second data center in the new location first, transfer your data, migrate everything, then blank the disks before trying to move your existing DC just for business continuity.
    The US Customs and Border Control people already have the right to copy your electronic systems on entry to the US, but I’d guess they’re more set up for laptops and phones than petabytes of iSCSI disk. 😉

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