Been excessively busy … my apologies …

generating many quotes, finalizing bits on storage cluster wins (you’ll hear about this soon), taking orders, starting several benchmark and support efforts, speaking to a group to help us get started raising capital. Busy busy busy … Viewed 10594 times by 2138 viewers

OpenSuSE issues with a few things for cluster

First off, it appears that the zypper problem is solved. Zypper shares some similer command line bits with yum. This helped with a faster learning curve. Zypper also supports a feature I wish were in yum, but I use grep for. zypper search gcc and yum list | grep gcc are the same in function. […]

OpenSuSE 11.1 allows OFED 1.4.2 to compile

Ok, we had to use our kernel, but it works fine otherwise. This looks like a reasonable solution to the customers problem. Will be able to reload most of their compute nodes remotely, the head node may be more complex. I need to see if binaries compiled on OpenSuSE 10.2 will work w/o problem […]

NIH syndrome: Yum doesn’t work on SuSE 11.1

It seems that yum, a reasonably good, quite standard, and powerful tool for maintaining systems across Redhat/Centos, Fedora, and multiple other distributions … was deprecated in SuSE in favor of an “Invented Here” tool such as zypper. I am running into this right now with attempting to get OFED installed on OpenSUSE 11.1 to see […]

Cloud migrations to most beneficial tax regime …

I thought this was interesting. Microsoft basically pulling a plug on a large project over tax issues, and moving its capability to where it has a more favorable situation. I see a simple (and dare I say obvious) evolution in the cloud infrastructure landscape. Viewed 12896 times by 2586 viewers


Been very busy … good busy … but busy. Brief T&C discussion, as this is near and dear to my heart right now. We find lots of variation in T and C documentation. Some of it is reasonable, some is simply ridiculous. Call it onerous, call it egregious. The vast majority of the ridiculous language […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-05

@garystiehr Doug did a good job on them. We are getting many hits from #insideHPC for #storage for #HPC systems now in reply to garystiehr # fighting battles I should not be fighting … # Done with one proposal, now onto an analysis, a letter of support for a proposal, a CV for the proposal, […]

Cilk Arts acquired by Intel

Story here. InsideHPC has been covering them for a while. Cilk was/is a different approach to parallelism than language developers traditionally used. Basically it deployed various work queues for each core, and the work queues decided when they needed more work. As I remember, they could “steal” from other work queues. The net effect of […]