times like this put a smile on my face …

We are running some burn-in tests on the JackRabbit storage cluster. 6 of 8 nodes are up, 2 need to be looked at tomorrow. On one of the nodes, we have 3 RAID cards. Because of how the customer wants the unit, it is better for us to have 3 separate file systems. So thats […]

As the storage cluster builds …

Finally finished the Tiburon changes for the storage cluster config. Storage clusters are a bit different than computing clusters in a number of regards, not the least of those being the large RAID in the middle. In this case, the storage cluster is 8 identical JackRabbit JR5 units, each with 24 TB storage, 48 drives, […]

Is RAID over?

Henry Newman and a few other people I know are talking about RAID as being on the way out. John West pointed at this article this morning on InsideHPC. Their points are quite interesting. It boils down to this: If the time to rebuild a failed raid is comparable to the mean time between uncorrectable […]

Been horrifically busy … good busy … but busy

Will try to do updates soon, and I owe someone two articles (sorry!). Add to this fighting off a cold … not a happy camper. Basically we are building an 8x JackRabbit JR5 storage cluster right now. I’ve caught a problem in Tiburon, our OS loader, in the process, and am fixing it. Tiburon is […]

M&A: Microsoft buys the *assets* of Interactive Supercomputing

As seen on InsideHPC, John West notes that the assets of Star-P were purchased by Microsoft today. Parsing of words is important. The phrase “acquired the assets of X” means that the IP was purchased. John points to the blog post where Kyril Faenov mentions that some of the staff will work at the Microsoft […]

The looming (storage) bandwidth wall

This has been bugging me for a while. Here is a simple measure of the height of the bandwidth wall. Take the size of your storage, and divide it by the maximum speed of your access to the data. This is the height of your wall, as measured in seconds. The time to read your […]

M&A continues: Dell snarfs up PDS

This is going to make a few Dell partners (Wipro et al) nervous. Sort of like the HP acquisition of EDS did. Is it possible that the service providers are going to be snapped up now to provide differentiated value in the face of declining revenues for hardware? Does this mean anything for HPC or […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-16

@chris_bloke Oddly, I seem to remember my business partner working on stuff like this last year at his day job. Will ask. in reply to chris_bloke # Powered by Twitter Tools Viewed 21103 times by 4380 viewers

We’re Back!

We were knocked off the air around 11pm on 13-September, by a machine finally deciding to give up its ghost. A partially retired machine which happened to run scalability.org decided, finally, that it no longer wished to correctly run grub. Grub being the thing essential to booting. Like the bootloader. Yeah. It was one of […]

Using fio to probe IOPs and detect internal system features

Scalable Informatics JackRabbit JR3 16TB storage system, 12.3TB usable. [root@jr3 ~]# df -m /data Filesystem 1M-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/sdc2 12382376 425990 11956387 4% /data [root@jr3 ~]# df -h /data Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sdc2 12T 417G 12T 4% /data These tests are more to show the quite remarkable utility […]