Not going to attend OLF this year, even though we want to

Ohio Linux Fest is September 25-27, 2009 in Columbus OH this year. Sadly we won’t be going.
The major reason we won’t be going is we plan to be at (or driving to) a customer site during that weekend. We are building a storage cluster for this customer, and we will be talking about it soon.
The secondary reason is we are looking to more carefully deploy our marketing budget. There is a possibility of sharing a booth with a partner at SC09, and we don’t have an infinitely deep marketing budget, so I have to make choices. I like OLF. It is a great venue. But so is SCxx.
I would have liked HPC on Wall Street next week as well. Same hard decisions.
The joy of running a company is you get to make the decisions. The hard part about running a company is that the decisions are rarely easy, and you can’t let what you want get in the way of reasonable and logical business decisions.
If you are, or can get to Columbus, by all means, get to OLF. Meet the people, see the booths, listen and talk to the people.