Scalable Informatics is now part of the HPC Advisory council

For the day job … We are happy about joining this group. Interest in our high performance storage and computing systems continues to grow across multiple sectors. As users need to store and process exponentially growing amounts of data, they need systems, fabrics and designs capable of scaling without introducing additional barriers. This group represents […]

Fighting the dmraid/mdadm battles in initrd for RHEL/Centos 5.x

dmraid is a technology to turn on-board fake-RAID (fRAID) systems into usable/bootable linux machines. It works for what it does, but you do need to be careful, as many of the fRAID chipsets have interesting … er … features. Yeah. Thats it, features. mdadm is a pure software version, requiring no assist from the bios. […]

Non-locality in computing

I read an article a few weeks ago that mirrors some of the things I’ve said in the past about computing on huge systems. Basically, when you have a system of sufficiently large size, the communications fabric between the nodes are such that for any ith and jth node, the latencies and transit times may […]

Zombie modeling, a possible new HPC application?

I had a laugh when I read Professor Robert Smith?’s home page (the question mark is really there). After my PhD, I did a postdoc at the University of Western Ontario, where I discovered infectious diseases. At first it was just the one, you know? A little HIV, you know you want to, all your […]

Now thats one big pepperoni pizza!

Get ready to laugh a little … landman@metal:~$ dd if=/dev/zero of=big-huge-file-system-target.img bs=1k seek=2T count=1 1+0 records in 1+0 records out 1024 bytes (1.0 kB) copied, 4.4349e-05 s, 23.1 MB/s landman@metal:~$ ls -alF big-huge-file-system-target.img -rw-r–r– 1 landman landman 2251799813686272 2009-09-04 17:25 big-huge-file-system-target.img landman@metal:~$ ls -alhF big-huge-file-system-target.img -rw-r–r– 1 landman landman 2.1P 2009-09-04 17:25 big-huge-file-system-target.img 2.1PB file […]

HPC for Dummies book!

Doug Eadline has an e-book out. From the posting on Beowulf: It is not a real “book” (it is short), but some people may be interested in: HPC For Dummies You have to register for a copy. The author is some HPC hack. It appears to be Windows/Mac only though (not Doug’s fault, don’t […]