Weblog awards nominations open up on 2-Nov

Folks, have a look at this. Please consider nominating and voting for your favorite tech/HPC blogs (no, not dropping any hints … nosiree … none whatsoever … nothing to see here folks, move along …). Viewed 16221 times by 3700 viewers

Reducing risk: avoiding the bricking phenomenon

Something happened this week in a storage cluster we set up for a customer. You’ll hear more about the storage cluster at SC09, but thats not what this is about. This is about risk, and how to reduce it. Risk is a complex thing to define in practice, but there are several … well … […]

Updates: storage cluster, SC09, and other things

Been busy. Incredibly busy. Back with the storage cluster fixing a blown KVM and as I found this morning, a blown motherboard (and I am hoping that this is it, but we are preparing to replace all of the innards … just in case). Storage cluster hit our performance targets in testing, even with IB […]

Good performance numbers on the storage gluster

I can’t go into them in depth, but we exceeded the performance targets (the system was purposefully designed to do this). The gluster team rocks! (I can’t emphasize this enough) Odd performance issue with the Mellanox QDR. Still trying to understand it, and hopefully will be able to update to our later kernel with the […]

Cloud is over-hyped? No … you don’t say …

There are some real nuggets of value in “the cloud”&tm; but as with “The Grid”&TM; there is a serious land grab underway, where everything is … er … cloudy. Yeah, thats a good phrase … cloudy. Though nebulous fits as well. And of course, clouds being water vapor … and often ice crystals … I […]

Disruption in HPC (and storage)

On InsideHPC, John West has an interesting story on disruption in HPC markets, and predictions on success or failure of a business. There are some interesting tidbits evident throughout the article. For example, while it???s not the only strategy that works, in prescribed circumstances the highest probability approach is for a new company to start […]

The tipping point for APUs

This news item on InsideHPC made me smile. In short, the HPC application vendors do see the value in decreasing the cost of hardware for their HPC users. It keeps more money available for end users to purchase licenses, even in the face of declining budgets. There are other problems, such as the software license […]

HPC Community Leadership Awards: Poll at InsideHPC

If you haven’t seen this yet, have a look at what the InsideHPC team are up to. They are hosting a poll on who (people/groups) are providing the most impactful leadership in HPC. The post and poll are here. By all means, do go and express your opinion via the poll, and drop a comment […]