Been busy …

We just shipped (at 5pm tonight) the storage cluster. I didn’t announce any performance data for it. I can say that this unit has 24 RAID adapters. And QDR IB … 8 ports (going to 16 as soon as the extra cables arrive). It is using GlusterFS as the cluster file system. This project has … Read moreBeen busy …

Update on performance regression

A new, updated, more stable RAID driver was used for our RAID card, and … while it was more stable, it has a significant performance regression when used with our updated kernel (actually any kernel 2.6.23 and beyond). Should have a fix soon.

Was cash for clunkers a good thing after all?

I had posited in the past that, apart from the odd design and old vehicle destruction, that yes, it was a good thing in terms of generating additional sales. I argued that it didn’t go on long enough. Germany has had one in force for months, and it seems to have done a great deal of good, though there was no requirement for destruction of the turned in car, it could be scrapped, or broken down for parts, or …
Ok. According to the last linked article above

The program was credited with strongly boosting sales and, in April, the government decided to expand the program’s funding to ???5 billion from ???1.5 billion. The measure received some of the credit for Germany emerging from recession, with modest 0.3% growth in the second quarter.

Of course, there will be a payback time in terms of the demand that was accelerated in the market which no longer exists, so this will likely oscillate around an equilibrium value for a while.

Read moreWas cash for clunkers a good thing after all?