Been busy …

We just shipped (at 5pm tonight) the storage cluster. I didn’t announce any performance data for it. I can say that this unit has 24 RAID adapters. And QDR IB … 8 ports (going to 16 as soon as the extra cables arrive). It is using GlusterFS as the cluster file system. This project has […]

Update on performance regression

A new, updated, more stable RAID driver was used for our RAID card, and … while it was more stable, it has a significant performance regression when used with our updated kernel (actually any kernel 2.6.23 and beyond). Should have a fix soon. Viewed 9972 times by 2077 viewers

Dealing with a severe performance regression

Same hardware, booting into baseline kernel vs an updated version of our kernel. Normal testing on our part has our updated kernel at a significant performance advantage to the baseline. Imagine my surprise when, while trying to diagnose an issue on a machine we are building, we found baseline to be significantly faster. The only […]

Was cash for clunkers a good thing after all?

I had posited in the past that, apart from the odd design and old vehicle destruction, that yes, it was a good thing in terms of generating additional sales. I argued that it didn’t go on long enough. Germany has had one in force for months, and it seems to have done a great deal […]