Updates: storage cluster, SC09, and other things

Been busy. Incredibly busy. Back with the storage cluster fixing a blown KVM and as I found this morning, a blown motherboard (and I am hoping that this is it, but we are preparing to replace all of the innards … just in case).
Storage cluster hit our performance targets in testing, even with IB running at 2/3 of rated speed. Working on finding out why 2/3 speed is the case vs full speed.
SC09: Ok, we are going to be there, and yes, it should be in a partners’ booth (finalizing details now). We will have a JR4, a Pegasus GPU, and a display. More details soon. Additionally I will be giving a talk on the storage cluster for the customer at their booth. I am thinking up the title/abstract tonight. I’ll go through the speeds, feeds, design considerations focusing upon applications.
Please do come by to both booths, as Doug and I should have a limited number of shirts and do-dads of various types. We will let you know which ones … soon … after the ink is dry 🙂
And did I mention that we have been busy? Yeah … busy. Good sort of busy.